Partnering with an assistant yields a host of advantages including: more time, room for growth, and a heightened focus.

When it comes to the investment, you’ll be billed exclusively for the hours worked, often requiring fewer hours than when hiring an employee. There are no expenses for insurance, premiums, or office space. What’s more, you enjoy the freedom of flexibility – you can tailor the collaboration on a monthly basis. If you are uncertain about the exact number of hours to outsource, no worries. Together, we can make an estimate and make any necessary adjustments on the way.

With a larger number of hours per week, we provide a discount with three options outlined below. Prices exclude VAT.

Dedicated task

*starting from 16 hours per month
1040 per month
  • A dedicated assistant for specific tasks, such as administration or events and social media. Or in combination with tasks like email and calendar management.

Small team

*starting from 40 hours per month
2500 per month
  • Delegating multiple tasks to an assistant
  • Providing support for a small team

Large team or full individual support.

*starting from 80 hours per month
4800 per month
  • Providing support to multiple individuals or project leaders within the organization.
  • Outsourcing the complete back office.
  • Personal PA
  • Outsourcing all that doesn't align with your core activities

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