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Frequently asked questions


A Virtual Assistant (VA) supports entrepreneurs and organizations in their growth by handling peripheral tasks. Typically done remotely, this allows for flexibility in working hours and eliminates the need for a physical office.

Tasks may include administration, event organization, social media management, HR, and email/calendar management.

However, the range of services is extensive, so we’re happy to discuss your specific goals and preferences.

There are several situations where working with a VA is highly beneficial:

  1. Business Growth: As your business expands, it’s time to delegate peripheral tasks and focus on strategic growth and your unique expertise.

  2. Temporary Assistance: Whether it’s during maternity leave, sick leave, or any other temporary situation, a VA with specific expertise can provide quick and flexible support.

  3. Team Efficiency: If your team aims to be more goal-oriented and free up valuable time from peripheral tasks, such as administration, a VA can be a valuable support.

For companies

When partnering with a VA, we prioritize:

  1. Skills: Assessing their specific expertise and experience.
  2. Communication: Proactive communication skills, both written and verbal.
  3. Personality: Enthusiasm, responsibility, and the ability to handle confidential information.

Our VA’s are all Dutch, primarily based in the Netherlands, and proficient in Dutch business communication. If you’re seeking someone with an international background, we can assist in that regard. For more information, click here.

The match is determined during an introductory conversation, considering the required tasks and personality. For more information on our approach, click here.

We follow procedures to handle information competently, preferring to work in a secure client environment. Files are not stored on personal computers, and we use secure password managers. A collaboration agreement includes a clause emphasizing non-disclosure. Competence in handling confidential information is a crucial selection criterion for us.

Collaboration hours are adjustable monthly, providing flexibility.

The minimum collaboration is 16 hours per month, with additional hours billed as needed. Larger hour subscriptions offer a discounted hourly rate, with minimums of 40 and 80 hours per month.

The collaboration has a one-month notice period. For more information on hours and rates, click here.

For Virtual Assistants

As a VA, you support clients with peripheral tasks, allowing them to focus on their core business. Tasks include administration, social media, planning, database maintenance, HR, and project management. This work is typically carried out independently, with occasional in-person meetings as agreed upon before the assignment.

Many VA’s come from backgrounds like back-office, project management, or HR. Starting VA’s might find it beneficial to undergo VA training for business startup insights and networking. Others may start based on work experience and existing networks.

For VA’s, finding the right clients and a supportive community can be challenging. We match you with assignments that suit your expertise and offer a team for collaboration and exchange of experiences.

Certainly! If you have availability for additional assignments, we’re open to collaboration. Share your expertise and preferences, and let’s explore potential opportunities.

We value VA’s with high expertise, trustworthiness, and effective communication at a minimum bachelor’s degree level.

Proactivity, excellence in communication, and reliability are crucial, given the sensitive information involved.

Personal traits such as passion, enthusiasm, quick learning, and strong communication skills are also essential.

We don’t provide full training for VAs; we expect a high level of competence from the start. Working independently should align with your preferences, as you may not have direct colleagues or a physical office. The benefits include remote work flexibility and a better life balance. Also if you’re a starting VA and do resonate with these qualities, we’d love to connect.

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