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At the Virtual Assistant Company, specialists assist you in regaining your focus and time. They work from their strengths, while you operate from yours. The foundation for a great partnership.

The Virtual Assistant Company comprises a team of top-notch VA’s

Independent professionals with diverse expertise and extensive work experience. With our collective skills, we ensure ongoing support while harnessing a blend of expertise.

Each of our VA’s has successfully completed relevant training, boasting years of hands-on experience and a meticulous approach to handling confidential information.

We pride ourselves on crafting VA matches that consider both the required tasks and the right personality fit. Our aim is to ensure that VA’s not only perform their tasks with expertise but also establish a personal rapport with your organization and team.

Our service eliminates the need for you to invest time and effort in the search for the perfect assistant and backup. We go a step further by offering guidance during the onboarding process and assisting in the setup of internal workflows.


Thanks to our collective experiences, we’ve effectively built a knowledge repository that we can leverage to provide optimal support. This includes streamlining processes and implementing efficient programs to benefit our clients.

Our team is geographically diverse, with VA’s located in various parts of the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Brabant, South Holland, Utrecht, and Limburg. Language is no barrier, as our team is well-versed in Dutch business communication and, when required, proficient in other languages. We also have experience in international and legal environments.

Collaboration between our VA’s and clients primarily occurs online. While physical location is often inconsequential, we understand that occasional in-person meetings can be beneficial. In such cases, we consider the locations of both the VA and the client when making arrangements.

If you have any questions about our VA matching services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you.

Focus - Succes - Freedom

Founder Sofie has a background in business administration and recruitment and started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age. The objective: to create freedom. “So, I look into all processes: how can this be made even more efficient to free up more time? Additionally, I have a passion for connecting the right people with wonderful organizations so that they can mutually enhance each other.

Origin and value
I derive energy from efficiently organizing tasks and helping people carve out space. Because it’s within this space that the most beautiful things happen! This space is essential for personal development, gaining insights, and sometimes gaining a bit of distance to see and feel where you’re heading. With focus and renewed strength, you can then continue to grow and decide to allocate time to yourself, the people around you, or anything else that holds importance for you.

For organizations, it’s immensely beneficial when processes are well-organized and the right people are engaged. With the Virtual-Assistant Company, that’s precisely what we assist with.”

Embracing focus in your life paves the way for success on your terms, granting the freedom to live life on your own terms. Make room for growth, connection, and creativity.”

Sofie Kleefstra – Founder of the Virtual Assistant Company

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Frequently asked questions

A Virtual Assistant (VA) supports entrepreneurs and organizations in their growth by handling peripheral tasks.

Typically done remotely, this allows for flexibility in working hours and eliminates the need for a physical office. Tasks may include administration, event organization, social media management, HR, and email/calendar management.

However, the range of services is extensive, so we’re happy to discuss your specific goals and preferences.

There are several situations where working with a VA is highly beneficial:

  1. Business Growth: As your business expands, it’s time to delegate peripheral tasks and focus on strategic growth and your unique expertise.

  2. Temporary Assistance: Whether it’s during maternity leave, sick leave, or any other temporary situation, a VA with specific expertise can provide quick and flexible support.

  3. Team Efficiency: If your team aims to be more goal-oriented and free up valuable time from peripheral tasks, such as administration, a VA can be a valuable support.

Our VAs are all Dutch, primarily based in the Netherlands, and proficient in Dutch business communication. If you’re seeking someone with an international background, we can assist in that regard.

When partnering with a VA, we prioritize:

1) Skills: Assessing their specific expertise and experience.

2) Communication: Proactive communication skills, both written and verbal.

3) Personality: Enthusiasm, responsibility, and the ability to handle confidential information.