Welcome to the

Virtual Assistant Company

Perhaps you have come here to gain more clarity in your schedule or to seek assistance in organizing your week and handling all the peripheral tasks. This creates space for you to focus on your core activities and strengths, allowing you to grow while maintaining peace of mind.

At the Virtual-Assistant Company we have specialists who also work from their strengths, creating a synergy when working together.


Your energy
and focus

With the Virtual-Assistant Company we take care of the peripheral tasks that cloud your focus. By providing organization and handling the details, we bring clarity to your life. Supporting your success and growth.

With personal attention, we ensure a well-qualified match with a top assistant. The Virtual Assistant Company remains available for backup, guidance and tips for process optimization. We are here for entrepreneurs and organizations, including foundations, government-related entities, and start-ups and scale-ups.

Do what you do best and the Virtual-Assistant company does the rest.

"Simplify your life and Supercharge your Success."

A selection of our clients

Why work with a Virtual Assistant via the Virtual-Assistant Company compared to:

• A traditional assistant in the office.
Here are costs included for a physical office space, guidance, efforts for recruitment and hiring. There is more risk and expenses for premiums. Less flexibility in terms of the number of hours worked. If you want to hire someone full-time, this could be a good option though.

• An independent VA.
Relying entirely on one person could pose challenges in maintaining continuity in case of their absence. Additionally, there might be fewer diverse specialties available, and the setup lacks the provision for extra guidance and knowledge sharing.

A temporary employment agency.
These agencies often fall short in making a personal and qualitative match, and there’s a noticeable lack of personal involvement throughout the collaboration.

At the Virtual-Assistant Company, you collaborate with a VA from a team, ensuring not only a personal match but also providing ongoing guidance and maintaining continuity.